That Special Day

118 pieces

As I went through the wedding photos of my good friends Tom and Yara, I was drawn to one of them at the alter during the ceremony in which their expressions were perfect as they smiled at each other. Unfortunately, the background of the photo was awkward, with a bright light shining right back at the photographer, and half of the marriage officiant peering from behind Tom’s face. But I realized that if I dropped out the whole background, the scene would be perfect. Plus it would give me the opportunity to do something interesting with all the whitespace in the background.

I had a friend use Photoshop to make the background all white. I arranged a large hollow heart over them, but thick enough to cut into pieces. Inside the large heart outline are smaller hearts seemingly randomly nestled on each other, although I specifically arranged them there. The date of their wedding is cut into three pieces that don’t connect directly to each other. The figure piece in Tom’s body is his power boat.

Remember, the puzzle recipient doesn’t get a picture of the puzzle. Tom and Yara quickly figured out that it was a picture of them, but after the bodies are assembled the rest of the puzzle is very difficult because it is all white and there is no clue about the heart arrangement.