Champagne Sunset

202 pieces

After my friends Ray and Gretchen got married, I looked through their wedding photos and thought this one was perfect. I then went through their Facebook pages, looking for various pictures of them and their family and friends, so I could incorporate them into a collage; with an irregular outline and drop-outs, of course.

The figure pieces are personalized for them. The piece in the upper-left that looks like an "8" is actually a kettle ball (there is a dead-end interior cut that tries to show the handle. The car is Ray's actual BMW model (as close as I could get it). You can probably guess what state they are both from. Zoom in on the bicyclist to see the dead-end interior cuts that enhance the look of that figure piece. The date is, of course, their wedding date, but it would have been awkwardly long as one piece, so I cut it into two pieces but tried to use the lower loop of the "8" as a knob to interlock them.