A Salmanazar Sized Day

301 pieces

Mike and Danielle got married at Castle Hill in Newport RI, where this picture was taken. He is an experienced puzzler, so I wanted to make it extra hard by using my "soft curl" style and cutting many pieces. The title refers to the size of the extra large champagne bottle that they had at their reception party -- a "Salmanazar" bottle contains the equivalent of 12 standard bottles of champagne. I cut a "puzzle within a puzzle" of the bottle, and I tried to make it the same shape as the actual bottle they had, and it is at the same tilt that they were holding it in one of their reception photos.

In addition to the Salmanazar bottle, I cut figure pieces that are personal to them -- they are both golfers, she is a skier and he is a snowboarder, they've gone on horseback riding excursions, and they love to go to Patriots games. For the golfer pieces, note that they don't have golf clubs, because that would be too thin and break. But if you look at where the golfers' hands are in the puzzle, you'll see a straight line cut that completes the mental image of a golfer completing a golf swing.